Online & Search Engine Marketing

By Shikha Bagchi
Search Marketing Wizards LLC

Online marketing also known as Internet marketing, Web marketing, digital marketing, & eMarketing is basically promotion of products and services through the Internet.
Online Marketing is important because that’s where most of your prospects are today.

Some Top Online Marketing Strategies:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the top online marketing tactics and is promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engines. This is done by either optimization also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resulting in natural high ranking of a website, or by advertising on search engines also known as Pay-per-Click marketing (PPC).
Search engine marketing is important to your business because – most consumers (89%) turn to Google, & other search engine for information on products, services or businesses before making purchases.

So should you invest in SEO or PPC?
Both PPC and SEO have their unique benefits and you can decide where you’re going to spend your marketing dollars based on your needs. Resources permitting, you can get the best results by using a combination of both SEO & PPC.

Benefits from PPC (Pay per Click marketing) to your business:

  • Immediate Results – traffic, leads & sales within hours & days of launch
  • You can promote almost anything – website, products, services or events
  • Pay Only for Clicks
  • Massive Reach – Google Network alone reaches 80% of online users
  • More control – keywords, demographics, locations, timing
  • Highly Measurable – you can count every click, impression, conversion, lead & more

Benefits from SEO to Your Business:

  • High natural/organic visibility & targeted traffic to your site
  • High conversions & leads from conversion optimization of your web pages
  • Cost Effective – one time SEO can lead to continuous traffic and visibility


Simple Optimization (SEO) tips you can implement yourself

  • Use words in your pages people use to search you by
  • Use Original, fresh & quality content
  • Use short URLs with keywords
  • Use engaging headings with keywords
  • Ensure your site/pages download fast – optimize images
  • Ensure site displays well in mobile devices
  • Use social media to your advantage


Conclusion: What online marketing tactics you should invest in depends on many things – your goals, budget, where your audience is & other factors. If resources are a constraint, start with optimizing (SEO) your online assets you already have such as your website to make sure it is set up to generate traffic & leads. Above all get access to your Google Analytics – it’s a free tool which enables you to see the ROI you’re getting from each of your online assets & marketing investments.


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