Realm Promotions Chamber Business Recap

We can market our businesses, stay top of mind and increase revenue by centering on the “R4 Advantage”: Relationship, Relevance, Remembered and Recommended.  Achieving these 4 R’s can be done with the use of promotional products and a targeted marketing campaign. As you build your relationships as a solution provider, you increase your relevance. Your relevance in the market place helps you to be remembered. The more you are remembered for your relationships and relevance the more likely you are to reach the ultimate goal of being highly recommended to others.


There are good reasons to use promotional products when targeting potential clients. Eight out of ten consumers own a promotional product.  Eighty-eight percent recall the advertiser, 62% recall the message, 47% keep the product for over a year, and 85% did business with the brand after receiving a product. The top three recalled product categories are 41% wearables, 35% writing instruments and 19% drinkware. Promotional products also help you get recommended because those receiving a product are 14% more likely to give referrals.


Three things you can do inside or outside of a marketing campaign that will help increase your R4 factor: Listen, Call and Treat. Listen to your client or potential clients needs and ask questions. Getting to know your target will help you bring solutions to their needs. Call your client rather then depending on texting and emailing. It’s surprising how emotions can be transferred via a live voice. Getting the client on the phone also allows you to ask further questions, many times opening the door for you to offer a solution to a totally unrelated subject. Treat everyone like your next million dollar client. The small project you are working on may be noticed by someone with a much bigger budget and larger reach. If the person on the receiving end of a small project feels like you’ve gone the extra mile they will be more willing to recommend you to others.


There are ways to get noticed beyond the gatekeeper. Set yourself apart, have fun and be unique in your approach. Find your target audience and create a system to follow. A creative mailing with a short message is a great way place yourself directly in the hands of your chosen audience. The best client acquisition campaign is one that can be measured for a specific time, tweaked, and then repeated.

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