Silver Bullet In Marketing My Business

By: Ted Davies creator of the Gems of Our Community

I am often asked “Is there a silver bullet in marketing my business?” The answer is Yes. Let me explain. 99% of what a consumer buys is not needed on a daily or weekly or even  on a monthly  basis.

That is why  direct mail, coupon mailers, newspapers, magazines and inserts  only get a 1% response ( They are not around when the consumer has a need). As a result, you have to use multiple advertising mediums to maintain awareness.

You may not realize this but 91% of consumers have a smart phone.  3 out of 5 searches are done on the smart phone. More important, 9 out of 10 searches on the smart phone result in a visit or purchase.

There are over 300,000 Apps and growing everyday . But very few consumers are going to download another 5 or 10 or 50 Apps. One of the most important advertising tools you should be exploring is a New APP Called Gems Of Our Community.

Gems is a Community App that connects the businesses to the residents and company employees 24/7/365. So you are there when they have a need.

We are launching this New APP in Eden Prairie, Edina and Chanhassen with a data base of 40,000 consumers to start. We have $975,000 of cash and prizes incentives to Join us. We have a very low introductory rate of $300 for 12 months for the first 100 businesses who sign up

We build you a profile page, you can create special offers on your own 24/7/365, and banner advertising and weekly featured email marketing is also included at no extra charge.

To learn more about the Gems Of Our Community. Call Ted Davies creator of the Gems of Our Community at 952-835-6622 or 612-280-3981 or email


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