Google Maps: Why Businesses Should Pay Attention

Google is in the process of taking on a nationwide event to help local businesses get there business listed correctly on Google Maps. It is a major effort that, in the end, will potentially help potential customers find their business. They are calling it “Get Your Business On the Map” (GYBO).

Why is this? Well, Google is helping to support this effort to help businesses understand the importance of having their Google Maps listing updated, optimized and verified. Google estimates that approximately 30% of companies across the country have gone through this process. Google also estimates that 95+% of searchers use maps to find businesses that can provide the goods and services they are looking for. That is unbelievable.

If done correctly, their Google Maps listing can perform/act like a mini website. For instance, if you are a restaurant, you can have your address, phone number, menu, reviews and a variety of pictures of your location at the fingertips of someone that is looking for a place to eat….in that moment! Very powerful.

If you would like learn how to find out how your listing looks, and how to optimize and verify it, here are some links to the videos that can walk you through it:

See if your business is on the map. Start by entering your city location, then follow the steps to check your business.

Watch this to see an overview of how to get your business on the map:

Now, watch this to see a step by step process:

This is not a difficult process, but one that could provide you with many returns.


This post was written by Pat Devine, Partner at LTR Digital Group.

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