Your Employees Could Be Your Downfall

Having an office network that is wireless may be the easiest way to operate your business online, but your security efforts must continue to improve as black hat hackers improve their ways to penetrate your security measures.

Backup Regularly
Always make regular backups of important data on each computer. This should happen automatically at a scheduled time each day without fail. Critical data includes email, spreadsheets, proposals, word docs, Financials, and human resource files among others

Administrative Rights

Limit your employee’s administrative rights on company programs to only those processes that they need access to. Almost every business program today allows the user to setup administrative rights to one person and then limited rights to others. Set each workstation to auto-lock after a few minutes of inactivity and then require a password to unlock the workstation. Having the system lock set automatically will protect your business from those employees who take a 15 minute break and forget to log out of their system.

Control Physical Access

Always make every attempt to limit access to workstations and laptops by unauthorized personnel. Laptops can be especially vulnerable, so be sure and lock them down whenever you plan to leave them unattended for even a short period of time. A simple steel piece of cable with a lock is an easy way to prevent a visitor or customer from walking away with some very sensitive data.

Limit Installation Authority

Make certain that staff members are not downloaded software from the internet. Most free internet programs are unsafe and contain viruses that will create an open door to your connected environment the minute they are installed.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance will protect your business when all the above steps fail to block the sophisticated hacker. If your business does have a data breach, it is going to expensive and possibly financially devastating. All jurisdictions have regulatory requirements that must be followed in the event of a data breach, and these requirements are very expensive. Talk to your insurance broker about getting protected by a Cyber Liability Policy when all else fails.


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This post was written by Adam Kobler, Owner and Lead Technician of Kataku Technology, LLC. For more information, contact Adam at or at (612) 643-1011.


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