I don’t play tennis, why am I experiencing tennis elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis/epicondylosis, also known as tennis elbow, is a painful condition in which the soft tissues on the lateral aspect of the forearm become strained from overuse, commonly referred to as repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It is commonly seen in laborers who work with tools/instruments, anything that requires maintaining a stronger than usual grip strength for an extended amount of time can contribute to this condition.

There are many different manual therapy methods that can help in treating soft tissue dysfunction and repetitive strain disorders (RSDs). At Chanhassen Chiropractic, we offer Active Release Techniques (ART) to our patients who are dealing with pain in muscles, tendons, nerves and/or ligaments. Using a combination of ART, chiropractic, Game Ready, and exercise rehabilitation, our patients typically recover from their injuries in a more timely manner. Implementing stability and/or mobility drills for patients will help them maintain the positive changes that have been made ultimately leading to a complete recovery.


This post was written by Brian Gervais, DC, CCSP – Chanhassen Chiropractic


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