Info Hub Training

One of the great features within your membership is access to The Info Hub, a member center that enables you to access key information and actively engage with your organization. The Hub allows users to search the directory of other members, see upcoming events, submit events, signup for lists and committees, view their membership details, view and complete billing-related steps (pay invoices, view past billing, see open invoices, etc.), see completed certifications (if applicable) and more.

Listed below are short, recorded sessions that you can utilize to help understand how to take advantage of this benefit. Easily copy the links and share internally within your organization.

  1. Tour the Info Hub
  2. Update Your Company Information & Directory Listing via the Info Hub
  3. Update Your Personal Profile via the Info Hub
  4. Enter Job Postings via the Info Hub
  5. Enter Hot Deals via the Info Hub
  6. Setup Auto Payment for Membership Dues