Certificate of Origin

Does your company send products overseas or to foreign countries? Do these countries require a Certificate of Origin stamp from the Chamber? If so, the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce is here to help. With your membership we provide Certificate of Origin stamps free to our Chamber members! Simply call ahead when you need your documents stamped to let us know you are coming in, bring your documents and we will stamp and sign for you.

Services Provided

  • Issues Certificates of Origin – Yes
  • Available to Members Only – No
  • Member Fee for Certificate – None
  • Non-Member Fee for Certificate – $250
  • Membership cost – starting at $375
  • E-Certification Availability – No
  • Made-in-USA Certification Availability – Yes
  • Non-U.S. Certification Availability – No

Some History on Certificate of Origins

• Certificates of Origin were established in 1923 by the Geneva Convention and due to the widespread network of Chambers of Commerce they were selected to do Certificates of Origin for businesses.
• Country of Turkey – by law companies must join the Chamber – either the business is a Chamber member or they are a black market business
• What does a Certificate of Origin mean to exporters – that the product doesn’t get stuck in customs, their banks use it to verify documents when payment is letter of credit, the product goes into a foreign country at a lower tariff or duty or no duty rate is applied to the product which could save the company 3-7%