How Can Fiber Benefit Your Business?

Nextera is a Minnesota-owned telecommunications company that caters to the needs of Minnesota businesses. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services including the popular options of Internet and Voice T-1, Hosted IP PBX, and SIP Trunking. These services are available over our extensive fixed wireless network, traditional copper facilities and now — fiber.

Why fiber? Because companies of all sizes are experiencing an increased need for speed.

According to the June 2014 FCC report on wireline broadband, consumers are moving to faster speeds and willing to pay more for it. Businesses can’t afford to be left behind by customers who expect quick downloads and uploads. With cloud computing, video, online data loads, virtualization and business continuity demands, the need for more bandwidth is significant for many businesses.

To keep up with these ever-increasing demands, businesses are looking for service they can count on — and fiber provides a comprehensive solution. It uses more advanced technology than standard Internet service options and offers benefits including bigger bandwidth, better dependability and faster Internet speeds.

Fiber can also be used for both voice and data, which means relying on a single provider and paying just one telecom bill each month. Plus fiber’s high-performance can greatly increase business productivity, delivering connectivity that keeps pace with the bandwidth power necessary for digital communications, the cloud, and massive data downloads. An added bonus is fiber’s flexible architecture. It can easily expand as your company grows.

Do you want to increase bandwidth size and put your company in the Internet fast lane? We’re now offering great opportunities for fiber installation in Eden Prairie and throughout the Metro area. Check out the map below to see if your business is on our fiber path.

If you’re interested in internet and/or voice services over fiber or want to learn more, contact me – I’d be happy to talk with you over the phone or meet you in person to answer any questions you may have.

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