Enjoy the Changing Seasons with a Three-Season Porch

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Enjoy the Changing Seasons with a Three-Season Porch

A three-season porch brings the outdoors in, creating added living space that can be utilized from early spring until late fall.

First things first: what is the difference between a three-season porch, a four-season porch and a screened porch?

Three-season porches

Three-season porches are enclosed spaces that are typically not heated, therefore they are usually not used in the cold winter months. They are, however, ideal for cool mornings and evenings in spring or fall, extending use of the room during the year. Because they normally have some sort of glazing or window system, three-season porches are perfect for bringing fresh air inside and keeping rain, bugs, dust and pollen outside.

Four-season porches

Four-season porches or “sunrooms” are fully insulated and normally have heating and air conditioning. These rooms can be enjoyed 365 days a year, regardless of the weather.

Screened porches

A screened porch is a covered porch that has screened openings instead of windows. The screens serve as barriers from insects and inclement weather. Screened porches are used mainly in the summer months.

What types of furnishings can be used in a three-season room?

There is no need to limit yourself to “outdoor” furniture—three-season porches can be furnished much like interior rooms. Many homeowners include amenities such as ceiling fans, recessed lighting, televisions and outdoor fireplaces. Interesting architectural details are often included such as exposed beam vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling walls of windows.

How can I continue to enjoy a three-season porch as the temperature starts to drop?

Three-season porches are not generally insulated, nor do they have heat or air conditioning. However, the seasons may be extended through the use of infrared heaters, in-floor heating or a thru-the-wall split-system, which can both heat and cool.

A three-season porch can increase value and add curb appeal. But most importantly, it will make your home a more enjoyable place for you and your family to enjoy Minnesota’s varied and changing seasons.

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