Heal Faster & Recover Better with Game Ready


Faster, deeper, longer – lasting intramuscular cooling slows cellular metabolism, helping your body to minimize tissue damage after injury and less damage means faster recovery.

Active pneumatic compression mimics natural muscle contractions, helping your body pump away swelling while stimulating the flow of oxygenated blood to your injury.

Adjustable cold therapy actively removes heat and cools the injury or surgery site to reduce swelling, muscle spasms, and pain in a non-narcotic application.

Air pressure conforms the wrap to your body for better surface contact, enhancing the effects of deep penetrating cold therapy.


The Game Ready System is clinically proven to help enhance recovery and accelerate key physical therapy milestones, outperforming conventional rest, ice, compression, elevation applications.

Clinically proven to reduce pain and swelling while decreasing the use and/or enabling an earlier discontinuation of narcotic medications that may have undesirable side effects.

Injury and post-op treatment system of choice for thousands of orthopedic specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, elite athletes and professional sports teams around the world.

In ongoing surveys, over 96% of patients report that Game Ready provided a better post-op recovery experience than a previous surgery using a different cold therapy.

We have found the Game Ready to be very beneficial for our patients. We find that when we combine it with chiropractic care, soft tissue manipulation and exercise rehabilitation our patients experience shorter recovery time and long lasting pain relief.

If you are looking for a cost effective, non invasive form of therapy to help you recover from surgery or an injury, look no further. Game Ready sessions are comfortable and most patients feel improvement after the first session.

For more information about Game Ready or to schedule a complimentary introductory session, please visit www.chanhassenchiro.com or call us at 952.934.4500.

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Brian Gervais, DC, CCSP

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